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advantus® (imidacloprid) soft chew for dogs packaging

advantus® (imidacloprid) Flea Treatment Soft Chews for Dogs



Flea Infestations







Active Ingredient

Active Ingredient:



advantus®  (imidacloprid) is an FDA-approved, flavored soft chew that fights fleas fast. It starts killing adult fleas on dogs within 1 hour — achieving 96% effectiveness against adult fleas within 4 hours. advantus® is safe to dose daily as needed and can be a helpful tool for in-clinic treatment for dogs in need of a fast-acting flea knockdown.

advantus® does not contain any animal proteins, so it's suitable for dogs with animal protein food allergies. It can also be used along with vaccines, heartworm preventatives, dewormers, antibiotics, steroids and shampoos and is indicated for use in dogs and puppies 10 weeks of age and older and weighing 4 pounds or greater.

Not for human use. advantus® has not been tested in pregnant or nursing dogs. advantus® does not protect against ticks or mosquitoes. 


  • Flea infestations
  • Fleas
  • Speed of kill


What are the active ingredients in advantus® Soft Chews?
  • 7.5 mg imidacloprid for small/medium dogs
  • 37.5 mg imidacloprid for large/extra-large dogs
What are the dosing and frequency guidelines for advantus® Soft Chews?

A single dose kills adult fleas on dogs. advantus® is safe to dose daily as needed to treat flea reinfestation.

advantus® is available in two varieties:

Small to medium dogs, 4-22 lbs.
Dose: 1 7.5-mg imidacloprid soft chew

Large to extra-large dogs, 23-110 lbs.
Dose: 1 37.5-mg imidacloprid soft chew

What are the packaging specifications for advantus® Soft Chews?

advantus® (imidacloprid) 7.5mg 7 ct (small dogs; 4-22 lbs.) — 85274341
advantus® (imidacloprid) 7.5mg 30 ct (small dogs; 4-22 lbs.) — 85274333
advantus® (imidacloprid) 37.5mg 7 ct (large dogs; 23-110 lbs.) — 85274414
advantus® (imidacloprid) 37.5mg 30 ct (large dogs; 23-110 lbs.) — 85274422

advantus® has an expiration date you can find on the product label near the barcode.

Is there advantus® for cats?

No, advantus® is not available for cats. Do not use advantus® on cats.

What if my patient swallows advantus® soft chews whole without chewing?

If advantus® soft chews are swallowed whole, they should still work as indicated on label.

Can advantus® be used with other products?

Yes, your clients can use advantus® with other recommended products including heartworm preventives, corticosteroids, antibiotics, vaccines, deworming medications and shampoos.

Can advantus® be used as a flea preventive?

advantus® rapidly leaves a dog’s system within 24 hours and is not an effective flea preventive product. advantus® can be prescribed to treat flea infestations quickly, but should be used in conjunction with flea prevention products to help protect from future infestations.

How are advantus® soft chews manufactured for simple dosing?

Bayer offers an easy way to administer medicine to dogs as soft, savory chews. Here’s how:

What are the dosing and frequency guidelines for advantus® Soft Chews?

A single dose kills adult fleas on dogs. advantus® is safe to dose daily as needed to treat flea reinfestation.

Dosing Chart

Body Weight


Soft Chew Strength

4-22 lbs.

1 soft chew

7.5 mg imidacloprid

23-110 lbs.

1 soft chew

37.5 mg imidacloprid

advantus is a registered trademark of Elanco or its affiliates.

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