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Advantage® II (imidacloprid + pyriproxyfen) for Dogs packaging.

Advantage® II for Dogs



Flea Prevention and Infestations



Fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae and lice




Active Ingredient

Active Ingredients:

Imidacloprid and pyriproxyfen


Advantage® II is a monthly topical flea control for dogs that kills fleas through contact, so fleas do not have to bite to die. Advantage® II kills fleas rapidly within 12 hours of initial application. Reinfesting fleas are killed within 2 hours, with protection against further flea infestation lasting for up to a month. Advantage® II provides the additional benefit of killing flea eggs and larvae to effectively break the flea life cycle, while also treating, preventing and controlling lice infestations. 

This fragrance-free topical is waterproof after 24 hours and is for use on dogs and puppies 7 weeks of age and older, weighing 3 lbs. or more.
Side effects, although very rare, may include signs of skin irritation such as redness, scratching or other signs of discomfort. Gastrointestinal signs such as vomiting or diarrhea have also been reported.

Restrictions: Use only on dogs 7 weeks and older. Do not apply to puppies or dogs weighing less than 3 lbs. Do not use on other animals. Do not use on cats. Do not apply more than 1 tube per treatment. Do not have contact or allow children to have contact with treated area until completely dry.


  • Fleas
  • Flea eggs
  • Flea larvae
  • Flea infestations
  • Flea allergy dermatitis
  • Lice


What are the active ingredients in Advantage® II for Dogs?
  • 9.10% imidacloprid
  • 0.46% pyriproxyfen

Imidacloprid attacks fleas’ nervous systems — paralyzing and ultimately killing them.

An insect growth regulator (IGR), such as pyriproxyfen, inhibits the development of flea eggs by mimicking the juvenile growth hormone. This ingredient prevents immature flea stages from molting into the next stage of the life cycle and keeps them from developing into adult fleas. It also offers additional larvicidal properties when compared with imidacloprid alone.

What are the dosing and frequency guidelines for Advantage® II for Dogs?

One treatment of Advantage® II is effective for 1 month. In cases of severe flea infestation, re-treatment may be necessary earlier than 4 weeks; clients should not re-treat more often than every 7 days. After flea control is attained, your patient can return to a monthly treatment schedule.

Advantage® II is available in four weight bands. Each weight band is available in 4- or 6-packs:

  • 3-10 lbs., small dog
  • 11-20 lbs., medium dog
  • 21-55 lbs., large dog
  • Over 55 lbs., extra-large dog

What are the packaging specifications for Advantage® II for Dogs?

Advantage® II Small Dog
1 Sleeve of 12 4-Packs (0.4 mL Tubes)
1 Sleeve of 12 6-Packs (0.4 mL Tubes)
Advantage® II Medium Dog
1 Sleeve of 12 4-Packs (1.0 mL Tubes)
1 Sleeve of 12 6-Packs (1.0 mL Tubes)
Advantage® II Large Dog
1 Sleeve of 12 4-Packs (2.5 mL Tubes)
1 Sleeve of 12 6-Packs (2.5 mL Tubes)
Advantage® II Extra-large Dog
1 Sleeve of 12 4-Packs (4.0 mL Tubes)
1 Sleeve of 12 6-Packs (4.0 mL Tubes)

There is no expiration date required on the packaging by the EPA for Advantage® II for Dogs. The product should be kept in its original packaging and stored as directed on the label.

Why is it important to use a product with an IGR like Advantage® II for Dogs?

With an insect growth regulator (IGR) as part of your patients’ flea control, the flea life cycle is disrupted at multiple stages through different active ingredients and modes of action. This is often referred to as integrated flea control (IFC). The addition of an IGR to Advantage® II provides ovicidal properties, as well as additional larvicidal properties, to target flea infestations and kill all flea life stages.

Is Advantage® II for Dogs waterproof?

Yes, Advantage® II for Dogs is waterproof after 24 hours. There is no need for clients to reapply the product after weekly swimming or a bath. For best results, it's recommended to use a non-detergent shampoo.

Advantage is a registered trademark of Elanco or its affiliates.

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